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Our lead attorney, Michael L. Steinberg, has been recognized as one of “America’s Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys.” This prestigious accolade highlights the top 100 criminal defense lawyers in each state. With millions of attorneys practicing across the United States, earning a spot on this list is a remarkable achievement.


Michael L. Steinberg is at your service. Should you or a loved one face arrest and need a dependable attorney, look no further than our Michigan Defense Attorney law firm. Begin your journey to justice today by sharing your case details with us for a complimentary case evaluation.


Michael L. Steinberg has consistently been recognized by his peers as a SuperLawyer for an impressive 12 consecutive years. The notion that securing a skilled attorney for your defense must come with a hefty price tag is a myth. Opting for Mike as your legal representative won’t strain your finances, proving that quality legal defense doesn’t have to be exorbitantly priced. Mike holds a deep respect for public defenders and personally takes on court-appointed cases. Additionally, he shares his extensive knowledge by teaching criminal defense attorneys the art of case defense. His daily courtroom presence for over 31 years has earned Mike widespread respect from judges, court staff, prosecutors, police officers, and other key players in the legal system. As both appointed and retained counsel, Mike is a tenacious advocate who meticulously examines every detail of a case.


Michael L. Steinberg plays a pivotal role as a shareholder in the founding of the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission (MIDC). Our organization, the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, holds two permanent positions on the Commission, a testament to our commitment to legal defense. Since 2002, our Board of Directors, composed of elected members, oversees the Commission’s permanent representatives, contributing valuable insight and guidance.
Thanks to the efforts of the MIDC, individuals accused of crimes are no longer forced to await their court appearance in jail. They now have the advantage of legal representation to advocate for their bail, a significant shift towards justice. The reality of jail, an environment that isolates the accused from the outside world, underscores the importance of this change.
The presence of an attorney to ensure the accused can promptly appear before a judge or magistrate is a crucial development. This practice, championed by the MIDC, safeguards the rights and dignity of these individuals, embodying the Commission’s mission in action.
Michigan Indigent Defense Commission

As Donald Trump makes headlines on his own terms, it’s crucial to shine a light on the unsung heroes in our legal system: defense attorneys. These dedicated professionals tirelessly navigate the arraignment process daily, ensuring justice and fair representation for all. In Oakland County, a robust system guarantees that every detained individual, whether in county jail or a local police department, receives competent and informed legal counsel every day, including weekends and holidays.

Since joining the Board of Directors in 2002 and becoming a member in 1991, I’ve witnessed the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM) play a pivotal role in the establishment of the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission. This achievement, a result of strategic litigation and legislative advocacy, has significantly improved the legal process. The commission’s mandate ensures that clients have the opportunity to consult with their attorneys before and during arraignment, a practice not previously required by law. For over 150 years, arraignments weren’t deemed a critical stage, but now, with an MIDC coordinator in every district court and dedicated administrators in each county court, we ensure early-stage legal representation for everyone, irrespective of financial status.

Our county has implemented a pretrial service that conducts interviews and offers bond recommendations during the week. Starting at 5 am on arraignment days, we begin receiving client interviews and bond reports via email, a practice echoed in several other countries. This ability to interact with our clients is crucial and is facilitated across all courts in the metro area where I work.

I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the MIDC and the impactful litigation that preceded it. Our efforts have equipped attorneys across the state with the necessary tools to secure fair bonds for the accused, ensuring they are in capable hands. This commitment to justice and fairness is a testament to the hard work of defense attorneys everywhere, and it’s an honor to stand among them.

Faculty Member

Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM).

Not only does Michael L. Steinberg practice law, but he also helps teach Trial Skills to other attorneys, law school grads and law students. He’s proud to serve as Faculty for the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan. This is from CDAM’s popular Evidence Bootcamp, held May 18, 2019. He had the pleasure to be part of it since its inception. We get people on their feet and thinking outside of the box.


Hands down Michael is my go-to attorney… Around 6 years ago I was referred to him by a close friend, I have been more than thankful ever since. As well as being a great lawyer he is a great person. The court can be scary and have him represent you is one of the best things you could do for yourself. Any court I have been in with him (and trust me there has been many) he is well known and respected at the highest level. I’ve had a magistrate look at me and say “I respect your decision of having such great counsel represent you.” Now imagine that when you’re facing criminal charges and potential jail time. He fights for your rights and is very professional and reassuring, inside the courtroom he emits a radiance of confidence. If you’re dealing with the court system look no further! I promise you found the right lawyer for life.

As through the years passing I always retain Mr. Steinberg, he cares deeply and has become a lifetime friend. He has kept my freedom safe time and time again…sometimes at impossible odds that someone with the respect he has with the courts can only achieve. Again I say look no further this is the lawyer you need and can trust.

Eric B.