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 This is the MIDC (Michigan Indigent Defense Commission) in progress. A law enacted by the legislature The MIDC was created by the efforts of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of MI (I have been a board member since 2002) and many good shareholders.

Amongst many great reforms Defendants are guaranteed counsel at the arraignment stage (bond hearing/advising of charges). At the 57 sec mark, you can see my bond argument. The bond is given, all the circumstances, was not unreasonable.

Prior to counsel being at these hearings, it would only be a magistrate/judge and a cop and bonds could be sky high. Our Supreme Court has been making great strides for bond reform CDAM and the ACLU continue to work with the Court, through one of its task forces, to assist that effort.

Michael L. Steinberg defends Clinton Township woman in 41B District Court.

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Oakland County judge tosses people in jail for showing up late, even amid pandemic.

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