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Michigan Expungement Lawyer

Get The Representation You Need For Expungement

Royal Oak Expungement AttorneyHaving a criminal conviction on your record can result in serious repercussions and consequences, including but not limited to difficulties:

  • Obtaining employment
  • Pursuing higher education opportunities
  • Obtaining a license to work in various fields such as education, health care, fields requiring security clearance
  • Suspension of your civil rights that may include your right to vote and to lawfully possess a firearm
Therefore, it’s important to hire a Michigan Expungement Attorney to help you set aside a conviction, also known as an expungement. This changes your conviction from public to nonpublic and you are legally considered not to have been convicted. This means if your conviction is expunged, you are able to say you have never been convicted of the crime.

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If you are seeking to expunge your record, you’ll want the best representation as the process for moving to set aside conviction and judgement of guilt usually involves significant research, the drafting of a motion, and participating in a hearing with the Court. Having a knowledgeable and competent Michigan expungement attorney represent you during the set aside process may mean the difference between success and failure, which can have significant impacts on your life.

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